Reveal how your emotions are connected to your financial strengths and weaknesses.

Psychology is the key to unlocking lasting financial wellness

If personal finances are a cloud hanging over your life, then it's time to join RenaFi. 

Join our 12-week program to begin:

> Conquering the negative ‘'money stories'’ you’ve internalized.

> Networking with top professors, successful entrepreneurs and industry-leading coaches in the field of financial wellness.

> Claiming front-row seats to LIVE webinars, hosted by coaches who are experts in their fields, and who have already positively impacted the financial wellness of thousands across the nation.

> Joining a community of like-minded people, where you can discuss your past challenges, learn from each other’s experiences, and begin your journey towards success.

What you will get from the program

> An increase in financial clarity, and a reduction of financial stress

> A healthier inner dialogue with money

> Tools and steps to help organize your wealth building journey

> Real-life positive effects on relationships with loved ones

> A better sense of balance in your financial life

This program includes:

> 12-week online program by leading coaches, designed to reduce your financial stress and improve your financial well-being

> Access to a private members group where you can meet like-minded people and begin networking and learning from each other’s experiences

> Access to One-on-One coaching with leading professionals

> Full access to the easy-to-use mobile app

> Beginner's "quick start" tutorial

> Friendly, competent and personalized customer support

> Tips and strategies for staying motivated and handling negative emotions

Why does personal finance need a different approach:

> The core problem causing most financial issues has little to do with adding or subtracting. It isn’t a math problem, it’s an emotional problem.

> Your relationship with money is subconsciously shaped by the financial situations you experienced as a child, and the "money stories" your environment passed down to you.

> Subconscious biases make you more likely to land in bad financial situations, because you’ve been ‘set up to lose’ by forces that were outside of your control.

The world is full of simplistic solutions where you have been taught to cut costs, make budgets, and save every penny. These are the mechanical aspects of managing money, not the foundational issues that cause our problems. Personal Finance is not just a better budget. It's about a better mindset.

Using Renafi's unique approach you will learn to make better decisions about money, earn more money, and have the freedom to live a life of your own design.

At RenaFi you will learn to focus on the big decisions, and the little things will practically take care of themselves.

Reduce your financial stress with RenaFi in only 12-weeks

90% of members who finish one of our 12-week courses experience a substantial decrease in financial stress

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